The “Must Have” Book for Every Fire District, Fire Department, Fire Chief, and Fire Company

This manual explains every New York and federal law regulating fire districts and fire departments, and contains 100’s of sample bylaws, policies, rules, NFPA practices and model programs.

Over 1200 Pages, Including:

  • Explanations of all fire district & department laws, including forms, resolutions, and policies
  • Guidance on how to comply with each of the laws
  • Sample bylaws, forms, policies, procedures, and programs required by law
  • Recommended firefighter training programs
  • Sample contracts, releases, notices
  • Best practices in financial oversight and fiscal management
  • A complete list of all reporting requirements
  • A full review of liability issues faced by fire departments and management
  • Provides policies on required OSHA/PESH requirements
  • Best practices suggested by NFPA
  • And so much more!

Finally, a “Must Have” Manual Written Just for Secretaries and Treasurers of Fire Districts, Fire Departments and Fire Companies!

It will make your job easier by explaining the laws that govern your positions. Sample policies, forms, notices and best practices are included.

Over 300 pages, including the following chapters:

  • Fire District Secretary “Must Know Information”
  • Role of the Fire Company Treasurer
  • Fire District Treasurer “Must Know Information”
  • Role of the Fire Company Secretary
  • Checklist for the Fire Company Treasurer & Secretary
  • Membership Issues of Fire Companies
  • The Not-For-Profit Corporation Law & Bylaw Matters
  • Policies & Practices to Protect Funds
  • The Board of Directors & Executive Officers
  • Foreign Fire Insurance Funds (“2% Funds”)
  • Audits of the Fire Company (Internal & External)
  • External Audits of Fire Companies
  • Reporting Requirements of Fire Departments/Companies
  • Fundraising Practices to Protect the Finances of the Corporation
  • Raffles
  • Financial Record Keeping Practices
  • Property & Improvement District Taxes
  • Financing Options for Fire Departments
  • Retention Efforts
  • Payments to Volunteer Firefighters
  • Freedom of Information Law (“FOIL”)
  • Miscellaneous Issues
  • Open Meetings Law
  • Auxiliaries
  • Records Management Programs

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